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At one time a barren waterfront that was packed with parking lots, a couple of businesses and a couple of old school restaurants, The Seaport District now is the hottest part of the city! This seaside segment of "Southie" finally has been enhanced by developers who’ve brought, and continually bring, a handful of Boston's best to the area.

A walk along the Harborwalk is going to show you the brand new side of the Seaport district. You can spend the whole day in this small segment of the city beginning with a Harborwalk stroll. Make a few stops along the way and appreciate an exhibit at the Institute of Contemporary Art, eat at one of the multitude of restaurants which call Seaport home or go for a cruise on the Spirit of Boston, Pop inside the ICA for a modern performance, contemporary thrill, or for the ones who aren’t art enthusiasts, a great laugh. The ICA possesses an incredible performance hall which puts on a few of the more intriguing shows within the city.

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