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You can cross the Charles River and discover yourself inside another city; one which people in the area usually consider as the eccentric section of Boston. Basically its own city, it’s a unique and exciting multicultural setting that is swimming in Ivy League organizations; making it one eclectic melting pot of intriguing individuals. With both MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Harvard University, Cambridge, comprised of five distinct squares (Porter, Kendall, Inman, Harvard and Central), and is home to those from every walk of life. Central Square includes the seat of city government that has a sprinkling of excellent places to dine, whereas Harvard Square is well-known not only as the home of the world’s most famous university but also for shopping, dining, nightlife, book stores, as well as street performers. Inman Square is lined up with intriguing places to dine, which include Cristina's, amongst the best ice cream shops within the state. 

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